Our experienced team in North Bergen, New Jersey is on-site to help you find the right used truck for sale and obtain financing. We have the biggest inventory in North America, We have Heavy Duty Trucks focusing on Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, and Mack Sleepers and Day Cabs. Please contact us to learn more. Grow your fleet affordably - and with confidence. Buy a used truck from DRS, and gain peace of mind with your extended warranty.









Truck Financing

We will finance your truck with premier financing

Truck Inspection

We will service your truck and DOT Inspect it!


We will provide a warranty for your truck to protect it!

Truck Delivery

We will deliver your truck to you!

Our Valuable Customers 


We'll deliver your truck to you wherever you are.


We buy all makes and models! Contact us today!

At DRS Truck Sales, we offer an extensive range of services to cater to used truck buyers. Our inventory goes beyond commercial vehicles and semi-trucks for sale. We specialize in providing flexible financing options to ensure you can acquire your next truck effortlessly. Moreover, we prioritize the security of your investment by offering tailored protection plans and warranties that suit your specific requirements.

With our diverse selection, we carry all makes and models of expertly re-conditioned semi-trucks, ensuring they are road-ready and reliable. Our nationwide locations conveniently place us near you, making it easier to find the perfect truck for your needs. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to personalized customer service. We understand that each customer has unique preferences and demands, and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations. We firmly stand by the quality of our trucks, assuring you of their exceptional performance and durability.

When you choose DRS Truck Sales, you automatically receive added peace of mind. All trucks under 9 years old come with a comprehensive 3-month warranty, covering key components such as the engine, transmission, rears, and after-treatment. Best of all, this warranty is provided to you at no additional cost. If you desire further protection, we offer additional warranty options that can be purchased. We understand that protecting your investment is crucial. That’s why we offer extended warranties, designed to safeguard your truck for an extended period. Additionally, we provide comprehensive protection and insurance plans, ensuring you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances. To further simplify your truck buying experience, we offer in-house financing, providing maximum convenience.

Choose DRS Truck Sales for your used truck needs, and experience the difference. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, extensive warranty coverage, and convenient financing options make us the go-to destination for truck buyers.

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